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Our online traffic tracking service provides the most accurate internet traffic on a 24-hour basis. Learn about our tool that provides live online traffic information for websites around the world.

Internet Live Status

Check out the live status of the internet and the number of active users that are surfing the internet at this very moment, including you.

Internet Users

Track the number of online users with live status.

Total number of Websites

Learn about the total number of websites that are live and functioning.

How much traffic

Learn how we calculate the most accurate data for online traffic.

Trends & More (Statistics)

Our statistics will help you locate the latest online trends that will help you be creative with using the internet trends for your business or personal research.


Internet Users in the world

Get live updates of the total internet users for mobile and desktops. Mobile users have exponentially overpowered desktop users in the past four years. Find out how.


Total number of Websites

The number of online websites and applications is growing at a rapid rate. We are still able to update our list with every four hundred websites joining every minute.


Google searches today

Find the list of the most trending searches and the number of users active on the Google search page every day.

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